About Paimol Martyrs Shrine: Rector

Rev. Fr. Joseph Okumuimg_6291

Email: jokumu@boscouganda.co

Phone: 0772 613517

Skype ID: joseph.okumu1

Fr. Joseph Okumu serves as the Rector of the wiPolo Church in Paimol, an outstation of the Kalongo parish in Agago, Northern Uganda. He resides at the Uganda Martyrs Paimol wiPolo Shrine that is adjacent to the WiPolo chapel.

Fr. Joseph Okumu, fondly known as “Fr. Joe,” was born in 1954 in Northern Uganda. He was ordained a priest in July 1981. He holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology (St. Thomas Aquinas National Seminary, Nairobi 1975-1981), an MA and PhD in Anthropology from the Urban University in Rome (1989-1994), and a Post Graduate Diploma Studies in Education from Makerere University (1998). He has worked as a Docent in Uganda’s National Seminary in Northern Uganda (1982-1986), as an assistant parish priest in Kitgum, Northern Uganda (1986-1988), a Cultural Anthropology Research Fellow in Northern Uganda, and also the Director of Catechetical Training Institute in the Archdiocese of Gulu. Presently he is the Archdiocese’s  Postulator of the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God Angelo Negri MCCJ. He is fluent in Acholi, English, and Italian. He reads and writes in Kiswahili, French and Latin.